Mineral Reserves for Selected Minerals and Projects (October 2014)
Name of Mine Owner  Operator District Licence No Type of Resources Proven Reserve Byproducts Status Start of Production Expected Life of Mine, Years Processing capacity/Annual Production Number of Employees Remarks
Bulyanhulu Gold Mine African Barrick Gold (100%)  African Barrick Gold Kahama  SML 44/99 Gold  9.4 Million Ounces Silver, copper Producing Underground Mine,  CIL plant under expansion   25 1.1 Mt 2457 Produced 198,286 Oz in 2013
Buzwagi Gold Mine  Pangea Ltd (100%)  African Barrick Gold Kahama  SML 274/2007 Gold  1.1 Million Ounces Silver Producing Open pit Mine   5 4.4 Mt 836 Produced 181,984 Oz in 2013
Geita Gold Mine Anglogold Ashanti Ltd Geita Gold Mining Ltd Geita  SML 45/99 Gold  5.4 million troy ounces Silver Producing Open pit Mine       1638  
North Mara Gold Mine  African Barrick Gold (100%)   African Barrick Gold Tarime  SML 17/96, SML 18/96 Gold  2.2 Million Ounces Silver Producing Open Pit Mine, (going underground)   10 2.8 Mt 300 Produced 256,732 Oz in 2013
Tulawaka Gold Mine STAMIGOLD Company Ltd STAMIGODL Biharamulo SML 157/2003 Gold 0.13 million troy ounces Silver Producing Mine          
Merelani Block C TanzaniteOne/STAMICO TanzaniteOne Ltd Simanjiro  ML 490/2013 Tanzanite 30.6 million carats Graphite Producing Mine       670  
Williamson Diamond Mine  Petra Diamonds (75%) & Tanzania Govt. (25%) Williamson Diamond Ltd Kishapu SML 216/2005 Diamonds 4.93 million carats    Producing Mine       561  
Merelani Block A Kilimanjaro Mines TanzaniteOne Ltd JV STAMICO   GML 65/2000                  
Mundarara Ruby Mine       GML 130/2002, GML 131/2002 Ruby zoisite                
Merelani Block D1 Tanzanite Africa Ltd Tanzanite Africa Ltd   GML 138/2002 Tanzanite   tsavorite            
Mkuju River Project  ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. Mantra tanzania Ltd Namtumbo  SML 489/2013 Uranium  99.3 million pounds   Granted SML, Negotiating MDA          
Kiwira Coal Mine STAMICO STAMICO Ileje/Kyela SML 233/2005 Coal 35.4 million tons   Reconstruction under STAMICO          
Ngaka Coal Project Intra Energy Corporation Ltd. (70%) & NDC (30%)   Ruvuma  ML 439/2011 Coal 412 million tons   Producing Mine          
Mchuchuma Coal Mine  Tanzania China Inernational Mineral Development Company (National Development Corporation (20%)/Sichuan Hongda Group Ltd (80%) Tanzania China Inernational Mineral Development Company Ludewa SML 534/2014 Coal 428 million tons Thermal coal (600MW plant), Industrial coal (1.5Mt/a) Under mobilisation   100 3Mt     
Kabanga Nickel Project  Barrick Gold Corp. (50%) & Xstrata Pic (50%) Kabanga Nickel Company Ltd Ngara  RL 0001/2009 Nickel  241.2 billion pounds    Advanced Project under Retention          
  Cobalt  30.56 million pounds              
New Luika Mine Shanta  Mining Limited Shanta Mining Ltd Chunya ML 408/2010, ML 518/2014, ML 519/2014 Gold 2.46 Million tonnes @ 6.1 g/t   Producing Mine August, 2012   0.41 Mt 300 Produced 64,054 Ounces in 2013
Liganga Iron Ore Project  Tanzania China Inernational Mineral Development Company (National Development Corporation (20%)/Sichuan Hongda Group Ltd (80%) Tanzania China Inernational Mineral Development Company Ludewa  SML 533/2014 Iron 126 Million tons Steel (1Mt/a), Titanium (%), Vanadium (%) Under mobilisation   50 Years 2.9 Mt    
Singida Project Shanta  Mining Limited, Shanta Mining Company Ltd, GL Jossue & JB Joel Limited hold a 10% stake Shanta Mining Ltd Ikungi ML 455/2012, ML 456/2012, ML 457/2012 Gold 450koz at 5.43g/t   Early development & Definitive engineering study   10      
Dangote- Mtwara Dangote Industries Dangote Tanzania Ltd Mtwara SML 495/2013 Cement                
Tanga Cement     ML 72/2000, ML 73/2000 Cement                
Magamba Coal Magamba Coal     ML 515/2014, ML 516/2014, ML 517/2014 Cement                
Lake Cement Lake Cement     ML 509/2014 Cement                
Tanga cement Tanga cement     ML 442/2011, ML 360/2009, ML 361/2009 Cement                
Mbeya Cement Mbeya Cement   ML 136/2002, ML 115/2001, ML 116/2001 Cement                
Minjingu Phosphate Minjingu Mines     ML 129/2002 Phosphate                
  Seasalt Ltd     ML 05/92, ML 06/92 Solar salt                
Uvinza Slatworks Nyanza Mines     ML 112/2001 salt                
Bagamoyo saltworks H. J. Stanley     ML 113/2001, ML 114/2001 Solar salt                
Magambazi Gold  Canaco Resources Inc     ML 525/2014 Gold                
Panda Hill RECB Limited (a) Celtic Trust Company Limited (51%), b) Panda Hill Mining Pty Limited (41%)     ML 237/2006, ML 238/2006, ML 239/2006 Niobium                
Manyoni Uranium Project  Uranex  Uranex Tanzania Ltd Update PL 7251/2011, PL 7334/2011 Uranium 2.43 million pounds Advanced Prospecting Advanced Prospecting          
Nyanzaga Gold Project  Indago Resources Ltd. (100%)  African Barrick Gold Update PL 4830/2007,  PL 7129/2011, PL 9446/2013 Gold  4.1Moz at 1.3g/t Au. Advanced Prospecting Advanced Prospecting          
Ngualla Rare Earth Project PR NG Minerals ltd Peak Resources Limited Update PL 9157/2013 Rare Earth Oxides 21.6 million tonnes at 4.54% REO Advanced Project under Retention Advanced Project under Retention          
Nachingwea  Project  JV between Continental Nickel Limited & IMX Resources NL of Australia. Ngwena Ltd Update PL 4422/2007 Nickel 60,800 Tonnes Advanced Prospecting Advanced Prospecting          
Saza Makongolosi Gold Project-Bafex Helio Resources Inc Bafex Tanzania Ltd Update RL 0009/2014, RL 0010/2014, RL 0011/2014, RL 0012/2014 Gold 24.1 Million tonnes Advanced Project under Retention Advanced Project under Retention          
Mbalawala Coal Project/ Ngaka Basin  Atomic Resources Ltd. (85%) & Tancoal Energy (15%)   Ruvuma    Coal  40.2 million tons Prospecting stage